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 Articles On Football In Western New York (pre-1960)

1918 Buffalo Semi-Professional Football League (Ken Crippen) - An article on the 1918 Buffalo Semi-Professional Football League.

1919 Buffalo Prospects (Ken Crippen) - An article on the 1919 Buffalo Prospects.

How Pro Football Began In Buffalo (Rick Anderson) - An article on early Pro Football Teams In Buffalo.



Who Really Won In 1921? (Ken Crippen) - The Buffalo All-Americans claimed the 1921 APFA title, but it was awarded to the Chicago Staleys. A statistical look at the two teams.

Rochester Jeffersons (Bob Carroll) - A brief history of the Rochester franchise when the NFL first formed.

Tonawanda Kardex (Joe Horrigan) - The history of the team with the shortest franchise history in the NFL.

1921: The Staley Swindle (Jeffrey Miller) - Did the Buffalo All-Americans win the 1921 Title?

Has There Ever Been A Forfeit In The NFL (Bob Carroll) - An article on the first forfeit in NFL history.

Was There A Forfeit On December 5, 1921? (John Steffenhagen) - An article on the first forfeit in NFL history.

1924 Buffalo Bisons (Ken Crippen) - A summary of the 1924 pro football team.

1926 Buffalo Rangers (Ken Crippen) - A summary of the 1926 pro football team.


Original Player Contract (Russell Andorka) - This is a picture of an original player contract for the 1936 Syracuse/Rochester Braves.


1948 AAFC Championship Game (PFRA) - A game summary of the 1948 AAFC Championship game between the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills.

The Other Buffalo Bills (Joe Marren) - A brief account of the 1946-1949 Buffalo franchise.

When The Buffalo Bills Rode High (Stan Grosshandler) - A brief account of the 1946-1949 Buffalo franchise.

Buffalo In The AFL (Joe Marren) - A history of pro football in Buffalo in 1940 and 1941.


If you are interested in having an article published on this site, contact editor Ken Crippen for details.

Ken Crippen is a member of the Professional Football Researchers Association and has been researching pro football history in Western New York for several years. He is in the process of writing a book titled The Development Of Pro Football In Western New York, which includes scores, game summaries, statistics, and rosters of every major (and most minor) teams that played in the Western NY area prior to the current Buffalo Bills franchise. His work has also been published in Coffin Corner, a publication of the Professional Football Researchers Association.

Rick Anderson has been a Bills fan since their inception in the American Football League back in 1960. He has had the privilege of attending the first ever Bills game, back in July of 1960 against the Boston Patriots. As a kid, he kept scrapbooks of the Bills from 1961-1966. Presently, he is the webmaster of Bills Thunder and Sabres Central. He has lived in Western New York his entire life and is an avid Bills and Sabres fan.

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